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The writing team of Matthew Hill and Landon Johnson is an outstanding example of a brighter future in the industry. Not only did they win the inaugural Chronos Prize with BURNING AT BOTH ENDS, they first captured our attention with a runner up for the Kairos Prize for UNDER THE APPLE TREE. This was no small feat! They have spoken at prestigious MOVIEGUIDE events and been captivating. They are wise, witty and profound.
— MovieGuide

As a writer, Matthew G. Hill is drawn to crafting narratives rooted in the humanity of their characters. He often finds himself working with historical settings or creating genre-bending worlds. While not afraid of the dark, he prefers to write stories that are ultimately hopeful, redemptive, and uplifting.

Matt has written for the screen, the stage, and comic books. He has won both the Kairos Prize and the inaugural Chronos Prize for screenwriting, both for scripts co-written with his frequent collaborator, Landon Johnson.

The Chronos Prize-winning script, Burning at Both Ends (image and text above), was made into a feature film starring Cary Elwes, Judd Hirsch, Jason Patric, Greer Grammer and Sebastian Roche. It tells the story of group of dissidents hiding in Nazi-occupied France who rally around a radio as a means of encouraging perseverance in the face of evil. Matt and Landon co-directed the film as well as co-wrote the script.

Matt has several other writing projects in various stages of development, including the newly announced WWI film Whiz-Bang!